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What is Fine Art on Eggshells?

Artwork on eggshells have existed since the age of the pharaoh around 3000 BC. Today there are many forms and styles of eggshell art which include  intricate miniature painting, jewel and gemstone work, beadwork, engraving, and other creative endeavors.

The unique miniature hand paintings of artist SarahLeah Beitz  appeal to many throughout the world. Since her  farm days in Oregon in the 90's, her work continues to grow in expertise and unique themes. Miniature art scenes and specialized art jewelry have been the most sought after. Hand painted ostrich egg lamps have also brought much delight and amazement.

While being born in Oregon, she gains her inspiration from the land of Israel and Jerusalem where she lives.

What Type of Eggshells are Used?

SarahLeah Beitz uses unfertilized farm duck eggshell. It is three times the thickness of chicken eggshell and is easily adaptable as her art canvas.

She also enjoys using farm goose eggs as her canvas, even though it has a rougher surface than the farm duck eggshell.

In some mosaics chicken eggshell is utilized. No usage of wild duck eggshell are utilized nor ever encouraged to be used.

How are Eggshell Mosaics Created?

The dried eggshells are shattered into small pieces after a design has been painted on them. They are adhered to a backing with a sand grout. The sand comes from the land of Israel, adding to its' very unique and meaningful quality. The entire art piece is made by hand.

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SarahLeah Beitz, Artist